No long winded post here – just one of my Mom’s violets. Have I told you that she’s got a ‘thumb’ for violets! (I don’t know if it’d be a green thumb,…or a violet one. LOL) She can take one of those $3.00 tiny plants from the store and transform it into a blooming powerhouse of loveliness bigger than a dinner plate. 

Gorgeous !
Gorgeous !

I even take her sick ones I pick up off the plant sale rack at Home Depot… cause I know she can bring them back. This one, I’ll take back to her when it’s done blooming and she’ll trade me out for a different one. Plant swap! I think I may need to post how she does it,… sounds like interview time.

But until then, here’s something green while everyone else is covered in white.

              …..I’d send you a pic of my office window view,… but you’d never speak to me again.

(yes, it’s that pretty outside)

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