Every once in a while you run across a person that is,…. well, dynamic. Michele O’Connell is ‘dynamic’. This gluten intolerant, island lovely, who’s family background is from Jamaica, has taken on the challenge of gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free baking – and offers it up for the rest of us! (I’ll have to ask her about some Floribbean tasting treats…hmmm)

This is where you'll find her
This is where you’ll find her – everywhere!

I’m a decent baker. Ok, I’ll own it, I’m a pretty good baker. Even at that, I admit to struggling with gluten-free goodies. I just can’t seem to get the texture quite right. No sweat, until then I’ve got Michele. 


So good
So good

Thanks to the State of Florida’s Cottage Food Laws, you’ll find her at our local health food stores and other healthy functions selling her freshly baked goodies. And selling out ! 


Samples ? Yes please !
Samples ? Yes please !

I have a wedding to attend soon, that I’ve volunteered to assist in making treats for the dessert table. The bride is a gluten-free devotee. Oh, yes Michele will be making those treats! I had to sample the goods – OMG.


Pretty and delicious
Pretty and delicious
Cake Pops too
Cake Pops too

I also had to try her lemon muffins. Oh no, these aren’t just some GF cake mix with lemon oil…this is her recipe and there’s real lemon zest and a light glaze on top. The texture is very much a muffin and not a cake. Delicious.


My pile of goodness.
My pile of goodness.


Scones? Yes, why not. I had to remind myself they weren’t cookies. 

Mocha just needs coffee - done!
Mocha just needs coffee – done!


My treats were so pretty I had to take pics! Yes, that cupcake did deserve a pedestal – (not sorry)



Of course I had to taste-test that red velvet cupcake – I suffer for my blogging public…and those future wedding guests.

Horatio (the skull) as jealous ;)
Horatio (the skull) was jealous 😉


So good – Normally the big problem with gluten free is the texture, and lack of fat. That can make it grainy and dry…not these. 

This is where you’ll find her this month.


Ok, one more sweet pic…

PD10155:15:10SimplyMicheleRV cupcake


2 Comments on Simply Michele : no, not this Michelle,… my gluten-free baking guru

  1. Maria Rybka
    October 12, 2015 at 2:15 pm (8 years ago)

    Love Simply Michele! Great pictures of her delicious products!

  2. Jessica Banville
    October 13, 2015 at 1:05 am (8 years ago)

    Everything I’ve tried from Simply Michele is wonderful! I crave her chocolate chip cookies all the time!


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