I know you don’t understand my need for going to these silly festivals of oldness – and I don’t care. LOL Since they only come around a couple of times per year, and I need the exercise, I go. Yet again we had lots of fun. Everyone was there…


Everyone loves Mr Penut ! But who on earth would come to an antique extravaganza in a convertible Mini? Someone who collects silver spoons I suppose – no chandeliers for that guy!

Junker Dave I presume?
Junker Dave I presume?

Oh yeah,…and Junker Dave showed up all the way from North Dakota (I think). See, I love seeing how creative people can get with just a few letters !

I'm just jealous.
I’m just jealous.

Let’s see – I’m guessing this lady is a peace loving religious ranchers wife from Orlando with an expensive hobby/business shabby chic-ing e v e r y t h i n g ? Just sayin’

Hmm, and Junkn2 is ...? (the pink convertible Corvette? - who knew Barbie was real)
Hmm, and Junkn2 is …? (the pink convertible Corvette? – who knew Barbie was real)

But seriously folks – back to the festival…

I could’ve bought way more, but I restrained myself. So many fun things though… I might need that chicken sometime.

Looks real - love it!
Looks real – love it!

Then I had to buy a couple of plants – yes – something new and alive surrounded by a cacophony of relics from someone else’s happy youth. Or not so happy.

Misha like a little attention.
Misha tolerates a little attention.


Everyone brings dogs, so seeing a cat was unusual.


...I'm not looking at you.
…I’m not looking at you.



 As her owner got her attention with his thick Russian accent. “Misha.. she won’t look at you unless she hears her name.” Of course, when I said it she ignored me too. She then strolled over and rather unceremoniously sat on his snack …a banana.

Such a cat. Misha’s my kinda girl.

This violet had to come home with me, and it’s friend Mr. Begonia…especially after we saw the sign for ‘No Photos’. Oops. “But it’s MINE now.”

Kinda blurry - I had to be sneaky.
Kinda blurry – I had to be sneaky.


Oh, yes I bought other things, but first,….lunch.

An antique man tailgating antique-style. (I think)
An antique man tailgating antique-style. (I think)


Hey that guy’s not tailgating! Now WE know how to tailgate. There was even a thumbs up from the passing biker dude in the Harley get-up, “Is that beer?” he commented with a grin. Connie made awesome brunch burritos – and Kathy brought beer, and I brought…well, I drove so I brought the gas!

More shopping
More shopping

Back at it! Later I found a few little gems and even Connie asked if I liked violet pots. She had some to sell – of course I must have them!

My goodies
My goodies


I’m one of those people who use their antiques… why not. Maybe not for their original intended use…

If I use them I have a reason to own them - right?
If I use them I have a reason to own them – right?

I use them all over the house – holding pencils, cotton balls, toothpicks. The list goes on and on. And that old Taxco silver bracelet was a ‘box find’ from years ago. Black as tar in a box of junk. Today it’s beautiful – and I love wearing it. Really I NEED these things. 

Can you say tetanus shot?
Can you say tetanus shot?

Oh, yeah – the 8ft dinosaur, holding a birdhouse, with a donkey in it’s mouth…there’s a conversation starter! I might need it.

So, I’ll be back…they can’t keep me away for long.

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  1. Tracy Post
    February 20, 2015 at 1:24 am (8 years ago)

    I love Junker Dave!! He always brings the coolest stuff!


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