I know you’ve got one, the craziest job ever…mine? Well, there are a few, but a few years back I had a weird one kind of fall into my lap. 

The hat. Yup, I kept it.
The hat. Yup, I kept it.

One day I was picking up mail at the development’s gang mailbox and a guy in the ubiquitous brown uniform was posting a paper at the billboard. He explained to me the general idea and I told him about a friend that might be interested. As it turned out, she’d hurt her back and couldn’t do the ‘must lift 70 lbs’ requirement. Hmm, who am I to spit in the eye of Karma in the midst of the worst economic times that most can remember. I took the ball and ran with it.

A few weeks later, after a few classes and a security check I was issued some browns of my own. OMG – this is nuts – what was I thinking? No, no, no … “You started this“, the voice in my head said. They brought two golf carts (ok, one was a Gator), and gas cans, and a set of ‘diads’ (those handheld computers). Of course, I was all, “What, no TRUCK?” Nope. And apparently, the carts they sent weren’t what was ordered. They were open air – no top or windshield. Not a problem,….until it rained.

Two carts? Yes, I had a helper. Wally was a nice guy angling for a real UPS job. He showed up on time everyday and the brown truck showed up every day for a month at about 10:00am (which is late by my standards!), filled the garage with boxes and off we went. One day I asked the driver if the ‘extra help’ bothered him by cutting into his deliveries. He smiled and said, “Are you kidding? I’d like to see my family this year!” Then proceeded to off load 1/2 of the truck…he couldn’t even move through the piles of boxes. My face looked like this little boy…

I love Carson! This is a video someone posted on my Facebook wall and it brought back those memories. Later that day, I saw another golf cart with boxes making the rounds in the ‘hood. They didn’t look nearly as happy as I was to do the job. My husband dubbed me “The Giggling Elf”, and that all the cart needed was sleigh bells.

So, as a little PSA, please look out for these drivers. They’ll be in the subdivided neighborhoods, and the fringes. Which bothered me, as it really pushed the envelope of safety. Drivers were good where I live, even the FedEx guy would wave and smile. But Wally went out of the area to some more ‘questionable’ residences. Some of my more posh neighbors questioned my motives. I told them I was bored and working for ‘shoe money’, which got a laugh. Truth be told, things were really slow in the office. I certainly couldn’t hide the carts parked outside the garage with their little brown flags. The job made Christmas shopping impossible, and put a crimp in my cookie making, but it was fun and it was A JOB. When I needed one the most.

I hope Wally got his more permanent position, but I doubt it. I also hope he has yet another Merry Christmas.  

Stay safe out there my brown truck brethren, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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