Let me start by saying I am NOT a beer drinker. I’m big on all things gin and vodka. Although, I have been known to drink a half beer from time to time. It all depends on the food being served. Let’s face it, pizza and burgers sometimes just need a beer. But sometimes you can find a beer that can stand alone. Hmmm, now you’ve got something I’ll try. 

With the new trend of ‘craft-brews’ out there, I was hoping that we might find some new selections at our local sports bars, and stores. No luck. Well, not really. It seems we live a bit too far outside the ‘traffic-shrapnel-zone’  for the cool things they get in the Big City. I’ve tried some fun bottles at a Seminole Heights restaurant I like, The Refinery. Upstairs their trendy bar serves up plenty of delicious Tampa originals. At home, those stylishly tasty brews are hard to find. But this winter, that scene changed.

A sign of good things
A sign of good things

Yes folks, I bring you,…. Marker 48 Brewing.

Over the holiday I found my self there first with our high schools booster club members. After a night of fundraising over at Ci-Ci’s Pizza, we wandered over to see what the fuss was about at the new place. The one that used to be a oil change joint ! No – seriously. 

Go in the side door...
Go in the side door…


Many pics in this post, read on….

Beer AND sangria
Beer AND sangria


See the copper strip the beer is sitting on,…? It’s ICE COLD, refrigerated to keep your glass chilled as you drink. 

Speaking of cool things, I would come back just for the music. Seriously, I don’t know who picks the playlist, but it’s perfection. (George Ezra? Ray Lamontagne?? Really, in Hernando County – yes please)

It's Christmas remember
It’s Christmas, remember


They can’t be all bad – they’ve got a tree made of beer kegs!

PD10157:15:12Marker48Keg Tree


Yes, they sell beer by the keg too. I’m thinking I need to spread the word about their brews to some of those trendy restaurants in Tampa Town.

Drunken dinosaurs?
Drunken dinosaurs?

(carry those stickers in your purse,… hoppy graffiti !)

Looks like someone else has been leaving beer scented love notes… I’m guessing Barney’s wasted cousin has been hanging at the Red Star Rock Bar, drinking some Angry Chair brew…


Make your list check it twice - they'll bring you somethin' nice.
Make your list check it twice – they’ll bring you somethin’ nice.



This is listed as a ‘beer garden and tasting room’… So, let’s taste !





That’s not all. Out back there’s the ‘garden’ – like your BFF’s backyard, only better. It was quiet on a Sunday night before Christmas. So the Giant Jenga was open, as well as the pin-pong table, and corn hole. On the far end was a massive screen showing A Christmas Story, and plenty of fire pits going to make us feel all festive!

Yes, you can bring teenagers and dogs,...not necessarily in that order.
Yes, you can bring teenagers and dogs,…not necessarily in that order.


It doesn’t end there – back inside there was a strange setup. I did say this was once an oil change joint,… well, they converted the work pit into a fun room. Yeah, seriously…. 

Mary's fearless headed down those dark steps...
Mary fearlessly treads down those dark steps…


You can rent this space for whatever you want – a bachelor party, bachelorette party, company party, my birthday, Tuesday,…whatever.

It's a dark photo - it's dark down there!
It’s a dark photo – it’s dark down there!


Looking down from your table - what to my wondering eyes did appear,.... an antique sofa and a mink coat...I'M HOME!
Looking down from your table – what to my wondering eyes did appear, …. an antique sofa and a mink coat…I’M SO THERE!


We were so silly that evening! After spotting the sofa thru the plexiglass covered floor, we knew it was a photo-op.

No, I will NOT act my age !
No, I will NOT act my age !

Lynne and I had to practice our selfie skills –  drinks in hand – luvin’ the old Prohibition Moll look.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, it was nearing closing time (but they didn’t care).

Grab a table.
Grab a table.
The sangria - was AWESOME
The sangria – was AWESOME


NOTE: There is NO food served by the tasting room. There are licensing rules (daaaamn!). But, never fear, there’s a food truck parked next door, conveniently just outside the ‘garden’. There’s the new cuban place next door, and you can get Bizzocco’s Pizza delivered in – no problem. 

More beer !
More beer !


We opted for pizza and wings on another visit. Yes, this was such fun, we’ve been back three times over the holiday break – bringing anyone we can! 

Something for everyone.
Something for everyone.




You can bring the dog too (and the teenagers)…





So, I’ve gone on and on about the place itself without ever mentioning the beer. The beer is GOOD – really, really good. (I’d say great, but I’m GreyGooseGirl) I had a brew called ‘Elf on the Shelf’ – delicious! Not too heavy, and definitely not your average bottle A/B product! Even the amateur taster knows a good wine from a cheap one,… this is not cheap. It is, however,  inexpensive for the grief and time it takes to make it. We had a table of 6 (plus a teenager having a Coke) and as my cousin-in-law picked up the tab, he remarked at how little he got away with. This is the guy who brews his own beer and lived in Brooklyn before moving to DC – both trendy beer-snob spots ! He knows his stout from a cuvee’. Yes, they make a cuvee’ at the Marker 48 too !

Now, we have a new place to hang out at – whew! I was beginning to worry about this county. So many watering holes have become ‘early-bird-special-joints’, it’s been a downer. I’m feeling much better these days with somewhere fun to spend some time at – get yourself over there and try it out ! …and get a growler to go 😉


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