Last week I put up a post about my Oakleaf Hydrangea that I’d bought the previous year at my favorite local nursery. After reading the post, my Aunt Kathy responded with a note that they’d been closed down. ‘GASP’ Noooo – I had to check this out. Besides, it was Mothers Day weekend and I had told the boys NOT to have a florist deliver the usual bunch of roses. Not that I don’t like them – I do. (and the ones from Sherwood Florist are the best around!!) But the cost is OMG! So it was a lovely day and I was out looking for flowers to plant and enjoy for a bit longer than a week. 

The field
The field

I cruised over to the old spot where Sherwood Forest Nursery used to be. I had known that the lot was sold to a church and the main entrance that we’d been used to was closed off. The new entrance to use was on Lamson Ave. and is the old ‘back-door’ gate used for the sod and mulch trucks. The sign was gone, but the gate was open. I went in and things didn’t look as they had. Many of the landscape trees were missing and it looked like that church had swallowed up a bit more of the old lot. Although, the trucks were there, the loaders, piles of mulch for sale. In front of the landscaping plants was a big section of lovely flowers. I parked and walked around. I knew all was well when, off in the distance, helping another customer, was the distinct voice of Ed (I believe that’s his name). He’s been selling me plants for nearly 20 years! (wow-that felt old just typing it) The once vast fleet of radio flyer wagons has been reduced to a half dozen, and the staff seemed to be trimmed to two that day. 

Drift Roses in 'Popcorn' and Red
Drift Roses in ‘Popcorn’ and Red

I picked out some lovely landscape roses in colors that I’d not seen anywhere else – which is usually the case with this nursery. The price was great too – as usual. As I paid, another familiar face wearing his signature Warren Zevon glasses, said it’d been bought out by a landscaping company by the name of Hildreth Sod and the plans were to get it back up to operation asap. I’d post a link, but there isn’t a site up yet.


They're still here !
They’re still here !

He mentioned, there have been issues with growers that have gone out of business or changed hands, as they have, so just getting stock takes time. I tend to believe that. Even a rose from J&P can be in short supply (they’ve been out of Simplicity White for like 2 seasons now). It takes 3–5 years to grow one big enough to sell…which is about how long this recession has been.

I've never seen 'Drift' roses in red !
I’ve never seen ‘Drift’ roses in red !

I’ll be patient and will continue to buy from my local guys and hope you will too. Over the years I can safely say that I’ve not had anything I bought from them not perform. Buying from the Big Box Stores is convenient, but let’s just say, it’s a lottery. So, like the rest of us weathering the economic hurricane, my favorite plant purveyors are still hanging on – by their fingernails, but hanging on. If you need their number, it’s the same, 352-683-2976. Pay them a visit sometime and hopefully they’ll regain their foothold.

2 Comments on Local Haunt: the New – Old Sherwood Forest Nursery

  1. Kathy
    May 19, 2014 at 11:14 am (9 years ago)

    Good to know! I’ll look for them again at the new address.

  2. Curtis Hildreth
    August 3, 2015 at 10:49 pm (8 years ago)

    Thank you for the great write up. I am the new owner and looking to whip this nursery back into shape. Although it may take more time than expected, we are committed to bringing in new stock and bulk material to provide a unique experience for our customers. We will eventually carry the same type of products as Sherwood Forest Nursery, just on a smaller scale. Thanks for checking us out and stop by periodically for updated nursery stock.


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