From the Oven

Baked Goods both Healthy and not so much

Cup Cake : TGIF

Cup…Cake Mug cakes are not new things. However, over the years, many have lost the simplicity of being able to make a cake in a mug at the office. Too many ingredients, and some are even a packaged deal (yuck!). I’ll use the excuse for making a chocolate treat that it’ll help by being even […] Read more…

Herbes de Provence Roasted Chicken

I was cleaning out my photo file, cause it’s that time of year…from closets, to camera…I’m cleanin’ it up. I ran across this shot and remembered that I’d forgotten all about making it a post. Not really a recipe, an ingredient. So, here it is.   Special meals here usually involve massive pieces of meat […] Read more…

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